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以 「愛生愛.美生美」 為理念


In the midst of a global pandemic / endemic … Aesthetics Lifestyle Atelier is born ~ a physical & virtual platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to bless our world with innovative ideas to brighten everyday life! Love is all around us!! Beauty is timeless!!!

Our Chinese Name 「生活美學」空間 speaks volumes… it brings out the best in all of us … it focuses on life’s amazing aesthetics … it manifests the beautifully affordable quality in what we eat, drink, gift, wear, live with timeless love!


Kwan Yuen - Tung (Shadow)


Serial Entrepreneur ~ Championing & democratizing “Aesthetic Lifestyle” to bless everyday people!

As the visionary founder of contemporary pop culture Brand(s) ~ Smile Froyo, Simply Pleasure, Cookies Quartet, Ah Bu, Kometaki, and Aesthetic Lifestyle Atelier … Shadow brings bright light & beautiful SMILE via superb quality gastronomic delights!


Shadow’s love & passion for everything aesthetic ~ flowers, teas, ceramics, pastries, music, dance, Chinese calligraphy … inspire her select range of top pop culture F & B “experiential” delicacies!!


Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Shadow brings out the best of women.


As a female CEO, Shadow leads by example.


In 2008, she single-handedly launched an aesthetic lifestyle creative studio that founded 6 successful pop culture F & B Brands … 13 industry-leading dining & retail locations … 2 state-of-the-art food factories … 3 online digital platforms.


The overwhelming majority of Shadow’s team are women from all walks of life!


In 2022, Shadow launched ~ “Aesthetic Lifestyle Atelier” (aka ALA) to build a local & global coalition to connect all the like-minded champions in this meaningful & worthwhile movement!


From holistic product styling, creative innovations, brand strategy, and all integral parts of this thoughtful ALA movement, Shadow instinctively shares her unique East meets West aesthetic insights and talents with other brands sharing her revolutionary calling of “democratizing everyday aesthetic”.

Shadow Kwan

Lifestyle Artist

Invited by Hong Kong Museum of Art to share aesthetic lifestyle in the "Life Artist" campaign

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Ikebana Artist | Ceramic Artist

2022 Co-curator & Exhibitor of

Ceramic & Floral Exhibition

《DIALOGUE - Pottery x Flower 對話 - 器與花》

Watch Now


2021 Exhibitor of Flower Ware Exhibition

《Flower Wandering - Flower Ware Exhibition》

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2020 Curator and Exhibitor of Ceramic,

Floral & Tea Exhibition

《In Praise of Beauty 花.器.茶 - 美的尋覓》

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Tea Artist

Creator of Tea Product Series

《Tea Poetry》               : Watch Now

《Oriental Herbology》: Watch Now

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Video Producer / Director

2022 Co-producer of Music Video 「心.弦」古箏音樂影像作品系列:第一集【萌芽】 Heartstrings of the Guzheng: Episode 1【Vitality】

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2022 Co-producer of Music Video

心.弦」古箏音樂影像作品系列:第二集【嚮往】 Heartstrings of the Guzheng: Episode 2【Anticipation】

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2021 - Present Director of Lifestyle YouTube Channle《創作者日常》

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2020 Co-director of Music Video

“秋 • 憶 Memories of Autumn”

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2019 Co-director of Music Video

“初 • 心 Aspiration”

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Lifestyle Columnist

Metro Pop, Ming Pao Weekly, Apple Daily etc.

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